Currently, AESC US offices are located in Santa Clara, California and Smyrna, Tennessee. Our first plant has been in operation since 2012. Two new production facilities are under construction in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Florence, South Carolina.

Automated. Intelligent. Safe.

We have introduced cutting-edge Japanese automation equipment, to create a high-tech smart plant. From here, our intelligent identification and processing technology can aid in achieving a green and environmentally friendly production facility, as well as ensuring product safety and quality.

With the proven and tested reliability and record of zero critical malfunctions in 12 years, we are constantly adopting the world’s latest and most advanced lithium-ion battery material to achieve industry-leading energy density.

We will integrate AIoT battery into the global energy IoT ecosystem. Our energy recuperation system can achieve 500 thousand kWh annual energy savings per GWh capacity.

Construction on our new Bowling Green, KY facility is underway.

Stay tuned for updates.